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Prices and Policies:

**If you are a veteran, disabled or reside at a senior care facility/nursing home you get an automatic 10% discount**


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we ask for at least a 24-hour advance notice to do so. Same day cancellation fees are based on your location and are between $50 and will billed to your home. Please know that we’ve implemented this policy as short notice cancellations can negatively impact our ability to serve other clients and their pets who may be in need.


Safe Pet Policy:

We understand that some of our beloved fur friends can sometimes act scared or nervous around others and manifest in growling, hiding or biting.  If your pet has any history of aggression or nervousness towards people, please let us know before the appt so we can implement a strategy to provide the least amount of stress to your pet.

Please do not be offended if we recommend a soft muzzle as some dogs may not let us safely get near them for an exam. If the pet has never been safely muzzled or restrained we will need to discuss this PRIOR to scheduling the appointment. 

We recommend that cats be easily accessible and should be placed in small bathroom or place where they cannot safely be moved. If your cat is fractious please let us know.  They may be a good candidate for using our calm, cozy cat wrap, which allows us to safely examine them without anyone getting hurt.  Check out how it works:

Please be mindful that appointments with aggressive pets may be cancelled at the discretion of the veterinarian or technician if it is not safe for the patient, the client, or veterinary staff to continue the exam. The housecall fee will be charged regardless if the exam is able to be safely performed.


We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member(s). Our costs may be slightly higher than the brick and mortar veterinary clinics due to the elevated prices in gasoline and goods.  We make multiple trips daily to meet the demands of housecalls around Hampton Roads providing convenience and less stress to your pets.  We anticipate our quality time and service with you and your animal are well worth the travel fees.  


Mobile Travel Fee: $80-$100 for housecall visit (depending on where in HR you live).  Assisted Living facilities with group appointment days will only have a $10 travel fee.

Same Day Exams: $95

Emergency Appointments: $125

Wellness & Senior Exams: $85

Rechecks & Pre-surgical Exams: $70

Technician Fee: $65

Vaccinations: $39 (& up depending on vaccine)

Labwork & Additional Diagnostics: please call for pricing

Telemedicine: $75 (for first 45 mins)