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I cannot praise Dr. Tara Golden enough for her unwavering devotion to ensuring every animal she meets receives the absolute best care possible. My mother and I have had the good fortune to have had her care, compassion, council, kindness and steely nerves in the face of difficult decisions for many years. She is always available, even late at night, to answer any questions or concerns for my menagerie of pets. Dr. Tara Golden is the epitome of compassion and competence.

- Susan (Tink, Dora, Brutus, Mimi, Inky, Abrams, Pita & Estabean’s mom)

Dr. Tara Golden has a love for animals like no one else I have ever met. She treats people as if they are family and all animals as if they were her children. I would trust her expertise and dedication above anyone else when it comes to veterinary care. She saved my dog Macey from a bad situation in the past and ensured she had a loving, forever home. Even when we later lived out of state from one another, she always kept in touch, checked-in on Macey and provided advice. A true role model in the Veterinary community.

- Alli (Macey and Picasso’s mom)

Dr. Golden has the best clinical and all-around family support perspective for pet care that I've ever seen!  She takes into consideration all aspects of a furry family member's health care: the nature of the illness, 1st choice and alternative treatment options, different projected outcomes, as well as comfort and the ability of pet owners to maintain treatment regimens that might be time sensitive or challenging, She is easily reachable and responsive to even simple pet care questions, She provides collaborative clinical coordination with other other pet care specialists, to ensure the continuity of both pet care and treatment planning, She is caring yet always frank and honest about potentially difficult, financial or emotional, pet care decisions and supportive of which ever path owners choose.

- Anna (Windward and Loop’s mom)

Dr. Golden is thorough with her advice, takes time to get to know the animals and asks a lot of questions. She is the best and most loving vet ever!

- Pam (Arnie, Dexter and Darla’s mom)

Over the years I have witnessed Dr. Golden's COMPETENCE and COMPASSION for countless pets and people. Helping animals is part of her very essence. I know she crawled under houses after hurricane katrina, rescuing many and even making her home one of their forever homes. I have accompanied her on a few at-home euthanasias where she made the best possible good-bye scenario.

Dr. Golden gives a piece of her heart to every animal that crosses her path, and I truly believe she sees their soul.

- Lisa (Sissy, Lady Bug, Big Kitty and Chania kitty’s mom)

During my lifetime I have had several pets, the most recent being Windy, a Female Toy Poodle. In 2017 wen we moved from Florida to Virginia Beach, Windy was in need of a new Veterinarian

and Senior Care. It was at that time that we were introduced to Dr. Golden at a local vet clinic. With just one visit, Dr. Golden showed what a caring and compassionate person she is and what

excellent care she provides. Since then we have requested Dr. Golden for each and every visit. I urge you to take advantage of the services of Dr. Golden for your pet’s Veterinary Care...I guarantee you will be pleased......

- George B. Virginia Beach (Windy)


Dr. Golden is someone I have known for over 20+ years, starting with her career as a Naval Officer .  When Tara decided to go back to school to become a veterinarian, we knew this was her calling.  Tara has taken care of 3 of our beloved pets.  Katie a 6l lb Tea Cup Chihuahua guard dog, Teddy Bear our daughters beloved Tabby cat and our rescue feral kitty Grayson.  Through her dedication and compassion she has completed surgeries, well and sick care on our pets. Dr. Golden has  garnered our respect and love for her dedication and professionalism on her care of our fur babies.

- Katie, Teddy, Grayson


We placed our beloved Molly's health, treatment, and care to Dr. Tara Golden. She cared for our seriously ill girl with love, compassion, and medical skill for many years. Dr. Golden preserved Molly's quality of life, alleviated her pain, and gave her a long life. The loving care she gave our Molly was as if she were her own.Dr. Golden was equally committed to caring for us. She was empathetic, comforting, and attentive to our needs, during one of the most difficult times in our lives.Dr. Golden is truly a special and gifted Veterinarian and our friend for life. 

- Evelyn, Howard, and Molly

Dr. Golden has been my trusted go to for veterinary care for years. She is an incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian. Her true love of animals shines through in her every interaction. My pets all love her and are always happy to see her. Dr. Golden has helped care for my pets from happy puppy check ups, to emergency injury visits, through difficult end of life care for my geriatric pets. Dr. Golden has held my hand through some of the saddest and most difficult decisions. I am so thankful to have found such an amazing veterinarian.  I highly recommend Dr. Golden! 

- Bruno, Guinness, Moab, Clara, Lilli


October 2013 my yellow Lab Gus had a collision with a pickup truck.  He had several injuries as a result, he spent the night in emergency vet facility in Wilmington NC and was taken to his Vet the next day and their recommendation was for me to take him to NC state Veterinary hospital.  This is where his relationship with Tara Golden started.  Tara was in her senior year of veterinary school and she took extremely good care of Gus.  Gus and I have kept Tara updated on his recovery and have maintained a relationship from 2013 to present.  She has the best interest of any and all animals she is in contact with and I would highly recommend Tara to anyone in need of a compassionate Vet.

- Gus’ Mom


Hello! Elizabeth, pets named sadie and koa. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Golden. The amount of care, compassion, empathy for our family is immeasurable.  Dr. Golden holds a special place for us. She went above and beyond for our dogs during their worst times.  Ive never had a vet care for us so much. Our dogs absolutely loved her (as did we). Sadie and koa received very personable treatment , that you wont find anywhere else. Dr. Golden should be the standard other vets should look to.

- Sadie and Koa’s Mom

“Tara exemplifies a truly caring and knowledgeable medical provider. Her guidance is always the right answer for my now 13.5 year old Boston both in and out of the work place. On her personal time she reaches out periodically to check on us and takes her time to respond to any concerns I have for her before I even call the vets office. She cares about each of her patients as individuals and it shows.”

- Pea Cistolla

We first met Dr Golden when our beloved Bianca, a british cream golden retriever, lost feeling in her back legs after taking a fall the previous day. Our visit with her was the beginning of a beautiful connection between her and Bianca, followed by a lasting connection with us. Thankfully Bianca did not need surgery, she had slipped a disc but she did need some physical therapy as well as laser treatments and acupuncture. Dr Golden was not only Bianca's veterinarian but also she treated her with acupuncture to help promote healing in the spine. Our other sweet dog Curri fell ill and Dr Golden was there to help us say goodbye. She went out of her way over and over again to show that this is just more than a job for her. Her connection to all animals is a part of her essence.Years later when Bianca grew older and it was time to say goodbye to her, Dr. Golden was also there for all of us, and her compassion gives me such hope in a world full of apathy and division. Our animals are not with us in person forever, but Dr. Golden was and still is a gift in supporting us in our animals' lives and their health until the very end.

- Bianca’s family 

"Dr. Golden has been amazing with my very difficult cats.  They are terrors at the vet and she has been so gentle and patient with them.  She never pushes treatments, even though I have made clear I would do anything she recommends, at any cost.  I trust her judgement completely.  We will continue to follow her wherever she is practicing."

- Jennifer C. (Miles & Etta)

In my experience Dr. Goldens pure compassion, concern, and love for all animals is unmatched. She constantly illustrates her selfless dedication to helping pets live their best lives through her care.  I have been to many other veterinarians in the past but I will never go to another one since having the pleasure to witness the gift she brings to her life’s work.  She is a very special soul.

- Dusty’s Mom 

Dr. Golden is kind and compassionate. She genuinely took the time to get to know our fur babies as well as our whole family. She practiced veterinary medicine with each individual animal in mind. Over the years Dr. Golden became part of our family. When it was time to say goodbye to our oldest 4 legged family member, Dr. Golden was there for us. Together we told sweet stories’ laughed, cried and said “goodbye.” There is no other veterinarian that I would more highly recommend than Dr. Golden.

- Moe, Mira, Luke, Zach

Tara Golden is by far the most compassionate person/vet I’ve ever known.  We met her when she was finishing up vet school at NC State where her love of animals and her sincere desire to comfort, nurture and heal, she gave us 3 more years with the best friend I’ve ever known, Sahara.  She went way over and beyond for that of a student and more of a veterinarian that had been caring for animals for years.  Her dedication is unsurpassed.  I’d travel the 5 hours for her to tend to any of my dogs.  She’s the best, I mean, the best! 

- Sahara’s Mom